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In this episode we talk to Andrew Henderson from The Nomad Capitalist. Andrew started his business while traveling the world and finding the best places to live and invest. Now he has a thriving community of followers and over a million unique visitors per year to his website.  We talk to Andrew about the different options for second passports as well as his advice for entrepreneurs thinking of going global.  

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Finding a tax attorney that is willing to help you with your international business is not easy. Every once in a while you can find one that will actually be proactive in helping you avoid paying too much in taxes. Claudia Moncarz is one of them. Claudia is originally from Panama but has traveled the world and is now stationed in Miami. In this episode we dispel some of the common misconceptions about international tax law and go over some things you need to do when operating a location independent business. 

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In this episode we talk to Phillip Hardcastle who has taken the discomforts of life and turned them into challenges to be overcome. By doing this he has worked in real estate in Texas, Hawaii, Cambodia and now has one of the most successful real estate companies in San Miguel de Allende. We talk to him about the market and how he has been able to harness the changing demographics of buyers to his benefit. He also gives priceless advice about market research and what to look for if your starting a business today.

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Fergus Hodgson is a world traveler, policy advisor and editor and chief to the Panam Post. He is in on the front line of media using new ways of communication to break into areas with some of the most oppressed speech on the planet. In this episode we talk about his life as a permanent traveler as well as the present state of media and where he sees in going in the future.

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James Guzman is Borderless Blog and Borderless Podcast and it's only right the the very first podcast is his story and his vision for this project. In this episode he talks about what kind of guests will be on the Podcast and the vision behind it. He also talks about his background and how he came to settle in San Miguel de Allende.

During the interview he also talks about the situation with college in the US and how it is almost always a bad option for young people.

If you are just getting into this podcast listen to this one first to discover what Borderless is all about.

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