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Jonathan Lockwood is the co-host of The Borderless Podcast. He had a 15 year career in broadcasting, but for 16 years has been a successful freelance voice talent, recording television and radio voice overs and film narrations from his own recording studio. From figuring out how to leave his job and work for himself to leaving a destructive religious cult to moving his life from the US to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, his life has been about breaking through one border after another on a quest for freedom. In this podcast we learn not only about the challenges he faced and met, but also the life-altering consequences. Find out how, throughout Jonathan’s life, what began as the worst things imaginable, eventually became priceless gifts.

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In this Episode we talk to Carlos Lara about the Infinite Banking Concept. Infinite banking is a strategy first formulated by R. Nelson Nash in his book Becoming Your Own Banker ( We talk to Carlos about how exactly you opt-out of the banking system today. Once you grasp how to use Infinite Banking, you’ll be amazed at how you can escape dependence on the unsafe, unsustainable banking system, save massively on life-long interest charges and take control of your own banking.  

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Michael Strong is a revolutionary thinker who has founded many organizations to help bring about change to the world through entrepreneurship. His ideas of approaching world problems and government institutions with startup culture have motivated him to get involved in the ZEDE Project in Honduras. In this episode we talk about the future of these start up cities and how you can get involved in making them a reality.

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Pete Sisco has definitely been one of our best guests so far. He has figured out the magic formula for creating a successful online business that has worked wonders for him, his wife and six kids who all now travel the world as digital nomads. He is an evangelist for creating online businesses because of the freedom it allows. In this episode we talk about the steps you need to take to start your own online business and how this type of entrepreneur could change the entire social system. Pete’s Book The Freedom App talks about building true freedom through Contractual Republics. We talk about all of these things and much more in this invigorating interview.

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Glen Roberts renounced his citizenship a year and a half ago. To help others with the process he has written a book “How to Renounce Your U.S. Citizenship in Two Easy Steps”. What makes Glen different in his renouncing is that he has done it without another citizenship and is now a truly stateless man. In this episode we talk to Glen about the process of renouncing, life in Paraguay and how to live as a stateless man. 

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