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Medical costs are steadily increasing in the United States. Much of the population is teetering on the edge of financial ruin which could be brought about by just one accident or ailment. Also many people are not aware of the life saving procedures that are available in different countries. In this episode we talk to John Cote from the Healthcare Elsewhere Podcast about how medical tourism can be the perfect solution to these problems. He has spoken to over one hundred people in the industry and written a book on how to find the best places internationally to lower medical costs. He also gives us some incredible stories about people that have had their lives changed by procedures that were not available in the United States. Listen to this podcast to get some information that could save your life!

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David Chu was born and raised in China but his search for freedom has taken him to many places throughout the globe. He has settled down in Patagonia, Argentina and now runs the website Escape to Patagonia which offers relocation services for those interested in living there. In this episode we speak to him about his life growing up in China and the dramatic differences with his life now living in Argentina. 

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In this episode we talk to Domingo Silvas, CEO of Escape Artist International. His company has an invaluable resource for the international community for over twenty years and currently gets over one million unique visits per month. They offer a variety services for those thinking of living and working abroad. We talk to Domingo about his background, what his company offers and some of his favorite cities throughout the world.

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Are you worried about the sustainability of the western world? If so, Barry Solomon says the Dominican Republic is a great place to consider living. Barry is the co-founder of the popular website and youtube channel DR Escapes During his travels to over a hundred countries he realized that the mathematics of most western nations was unsustainable. His study of trend brought him to find the farming regions of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic as one of the most stable areas in the northern hemisphere. We talk to Barry about the cost of living, immigration, medical care and many other aspects of life in the Dominican Republic.

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