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Kallen is a career councilor who has helped over 2000 people achieve their goals. During the interview we discuss many things such as making a career without a college or high school degree, how to get a four your degree in one year and many other things. During the interview he gives an limited time opportunity to Borderless Podcast listeners to work with him directly. If you are looking for one on one help in achieving a borderless lifestyle this is the podcast for you.

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Barnaby is a true pioneer in web development, ecommerce, digital branding & online marketing. He loves to help people break free from their jobs and also to move their business online, automate ecommerce systems, & create online traffic to get more sales. In this episode we talk to him about his personal journey and how he now helps people free themselves form the regular 9-5. We also talk about the new products that we will be launching soon. 

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In this episode we talk to Jonathan Rand from American Chillers. Jonathan has made a life for himself by being a self=published author of children’s books. We talk about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how he was able to overcome him critics. Much of the advice is equally valuable for those wanting to start a business in any market.

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In this episode we speak to the Diane Kennedy. She is an author, speaker and highly sought after tax strategist. She gives us invaluable information about how, when set up correctly, you can save a bundle in taxes by having a location independent business. 

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