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There has been a lot of interest lately about the Estonia E-residency program. In order to clear the air on what it is and what it is not we were able to get a hold of Kasper Korjus who is spearheading this program in the Estonian Government. In the interview we talk about who the program is good for presently and what their plans are for the future.

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This weeks podcast is all about Guatemala! Rocio Pinto is a the entrepreneurial ambassador for Universidad Francisco Marroquín and the one responsible for bringing this years MIT Global Startup Workshop to Guatemala city this March 25-27. We speak to her about the upcoming conference as well as other aspects of the start-up scene in Guatemala.

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Travis Boyd recently wrote a blog post entitled Why in the midst of success, I’m preparing to leave the US, where he outlined the reasons that recent tax and regulation hurdles in the US have caused him to prepare to leave the business that he built and look for brighter pastures overseas. In this episode we speak to him about what these problems are and go into depth about the Net Neutrality act which recently passed. We go into what this legislation means for everyone from an ISP business owner all to way down to the common American consumer. We also talk about the optimistic future in international markets and decentralized technologies. 

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If you are looking for inspiration to follow your dreams this episode is for you. Vale Dawson is a writer, traveler and life purpose coach and author of the book Dream Catcher.  In this episode we talk to Valen about how she got to where she is in life and many of the important lessons she has learned.

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