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In 2004 she was working as an editor at a travel publishing company in the San Francisco Bay Area when she decided to take quit her job and travel the world. She created her own editing company Nomad Editorial to fuel her journeys through Latin America and Southeast Asia. During this time she discovered that although editing was paying the bills, she wanted to do something with more purpose. She then started Nomadtopia, the blog and podcast about making location independent income while traveling the world.

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This is a short behind the scenes clip. Kevin Koskella asks James and Jonathan about some of their philosopies on life and what the future of freedom may look like. 

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In this episode we talk to Kevin Koskella from the Freedom Lovin' Podcast. Much like the Borderless podcast Freedom Lovin' is about helping people that want to break free of the 9-5 office culture and pursue the life that they want to be living building freedom in an unfree world. We discuss many things in the episode such as how Kevin was able to make a living from selling information products based on his passion of swimming, the books that were great inspirations to him and some of his favorite places he has been able to visit with his location independent business. 

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hinking of getting a second passport?

I know there are many out there (just like us at the Borderless Podcast) who would love the options that having a second citizenship would afford.

To get to the bottom of all of the different paths to citizenship we spoke to Daniel Perron from Henley & Partners. As the former head of HSBC  Global Immigration Services, Daniel has over 30 years of experience in helping high net worth individuals with international business and banking solutions. During the interview we go over every possible avenue to get a second citizenship. Henley & Partners specializes in economic citizenship programs which they have set up in a way that you can get one of the best passports on the planet while actually making money on your investment at the same time.

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Are you interested in making money with your passion? If so this episode is for you.

Tom Corson-Knowles has written several best selling self published books and has a publishing company which helps others who want to do the same. We speak to him about his start in self publishing and how exactly it is that his company is able to create so many successful authors. The tools for contents creation are changing rapidly and the ability to make a living from creating any kind of art is easier than ever. We  go into specifics about how you can get started today becoming wealthy by doing something you love. 

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