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In this episode we speak to Greg Bugiak from Invest Formosa. He has spent extensive time living and starting his own businesses in Thailand and Taiwan and knows all of the ins and outs of doing business there. He has options set up where one can easily move and invest in this great country. If storing precious metals or investing in businesses in this incredibly civilized country in interesting to you then this one is a must listen.

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In this episode we speak to Chris Morgan from The Cayman Enterprise City.  This city is a thriving community of tech entrepreneurs operating in Cayman Enterprise City (“CEC”), Grand Cayman’s innovative tax-free technology zone. CEC’s is attracting internet and technology companies and entrepreneurs within the marketing, media, commodities & derivatives and biotech industries and is now positioned to become a global offshore hub for these industries.

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In this episode we have Terence Gillespie on the show to discuss what happened with Galt's Gulch Chile and some of the lessons that can be learned from what happened there.

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In this episode of the Borderless Podcast James and Jonathan talk about some of the top ways to make a living while working from home and also answer questions from the Borderless Network.

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