Borderless Podcast

In this episode we talk to Sean Reagan and Mittie Roger about leaving the US making a new lives for themselves adventure traveling through Latin America.

Sean Reagan had a Foreign Policy job in Washington, DC when he decided it wasn't the life that he wanted to continue to lead. Seven years ago he packed up and moved to Mexico working as a freelance photographer at Sean Reagan Photography.

Mittie Roger has also been living and working in Mexico city after traveling to many places throughout the world. You can find her writings at her Girls Wander blog.

We were able to have Sean and Mittie in our Studio in San Miguel de Allende to talk about how they are able to make a living while traveling and many other things.

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The island has passed legislation to position itself in a unique situation where it is the only place in the world where US citizens can escape US Federal as well as state income tax without renouncing. John Paulson's endorsement of the program has caused many people to take notice and many people have been coming in with their own opinions of the program. In this Episode we had on Ramphis Castro who has been instrumental in putting these acts as well as other reforms to try to make many places in the Caribbean more friendly to entrepreneurs. He addresses the conserns abot the ability of these policies to continue as well as other details of the acts. Ramphis is also helping organize a StartUp workshop this year in Cuba. He talks about the changing environment there for business and how people can get involved.

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In 2007, Mark qualified for welfare and started his online business from a computer at the public library (because he couldn’t afford his own). Using YouTube & Google Pay Per Click, he began to sell affiliate products. Today, nearly $20 million dollars of his own info-products have been sold.  In this episode Mark gives some priceless gems of wisdom for those that want to start their own online business. Get ready to take pay attention to guy normally charges $50,000 - $100,000 for private consultations. 

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Chile is a great option for those looking for a new destination in Latin America. We spoke to John Cobin from Escape America Now about the good and bad of life in Chile. He has lived there for over ten years and helps newcomers get set up the right way.

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In this Episode we talk to Chris Delamo from Red Pill Philosophy. His YouTube rantings have made him a hit with over 8 million views and 40,000 subscribers. We spoke to Chris about some of the tactics he uses to stay authentic and consistent with his work as well as how technology and the internet is changing the landscape of business.

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