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Sean Ogle is a great example of someone who has reinvented himself with his own online business. After following the normal path and getting a job in finance he has what he calls a “quarter life crisis” where he decided to completely change his path in life. He took off to Bali where he started his own blog and internet business. Surprisingly within a few months he had had a sustainable income from his business that he could take with him anywhere. SInce then he has been concentrating on accomplishing all of the things on his bucket list while traveling the world.

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In this episode we talk to Hrvoje Moric, a professor at Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey and host of the Guadalajara Geopolitics Podcast

Hrvoje was raised by a Croatian family in the US and decided to leave in the early 2000's to help the peace core in Mongolia. After Studying in Switzerland he came to Mexico to teach students about Geopolitics. He works to innovate the classroom with gamification and having Skype appearances by such authors as Paul Craig Roberts, Ray McGovern, James Bamford and Lord Christopher Monckton.

He has also recently launched the Guadalajara Geopolitics Institute where he covers world events with many world renowned authors and speakers. 

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In this episode we go over the latest financial news around the world. With the Greek negotiations, the collapse in the Chinese stock market and many other things going on in the world we thought we would bring in an expert to tell us what to make of it all.

Olav Dirkmaat is a precious metals analyst for Gold Republic and a founder of Hedgehog Capital. We talk to Olav about his opinion on the markets and where they are heading.

Once the interview is over James and Jonathan go over some news with the Borderless Network as well as address the haters who say that leaving the US is for cowards.

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Bobby Casey is the managing director of Global Wealth Protection. He is an expert in offshore strategies for businesses and individuals. In this episode we talk to him about the creation of GWP and some of the specific ways that he helps entrepreneurs save money on taxes.

There is some very good actionable information in this one. Get ready to take some notes.

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