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Is Panama the place for you? If a reasonably easy to get residency and favorable tax policies are what you're looking for the answer may be yes. In this week's episode we talk with Rey Evans of Noble House Precious Metals. His wife is a Panamanian attorney and he is her English liaison. As a US citizen who has lived in Panama for five years—and helped many get their residency, he's in a unique position to offer advice about the pros and cons of this Central American nation.

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Is it true that today entrepreneurship is more profitable and safer than a job? That jobs are actually riskier than most think? That's the conclusion Taylor Pearson, author of the bestselling book, “The End of Jobs,” came to after spending the last three years working with hundreds of entrepreneurs from Los Angeles to Vietnam, Brazil to New York.


In this episode we talk about how people are investing in entrepreneurship to create more freedom, meaning, and wealth in their lives—not to mention the fallout from the meteoric success he's experiencing from the book.


Show Notes:


Taylor's research for the book (3:00)

“The Fourth Economy,” economic shift (5:58)

Are people prepared for this shift? (7:40)

James' explanation of this economic evolution (8:20)

How technology has affected this shift (10:27)

When Taylor realized traditional path no longer sensible (12:10)

Entrepreneurship risky? (14:05)

Difference between real and perceived risk (17:53)

Best specific skill sets for today (20:01)

Doing “safe” things that feel “risky” (21:00)

Software is eating the world (23:46)

Amazon vs. Walmart (25:08)

College worth it anymore? Other strategies (26:25)

The Condescending Group ad (28:43)

Background in digital marketing and systems consulting (31:05)

How people will transition from job model to entrepreneurship (32:55)

Path 1: Apprenticeships (33:25)

Path 2: Stair-stepping (35:04)

Avoiding the fear of macro-economics and embracing individual agency (36:00)

Obsession with personal productivity systems (40:00)

The secret: a longer lever (45:30)

Daily rituals (47:28)

Book recommendations (48:00)

“War of Art” -Steven Pressfield

“Linchpin” -Seth Godin

“Purple Cow” -Seth Godin

“Antifragile” -Nassim Taleb

“Man's Search for Meaning” -Viktor Frankl

“Principles" -Ray Dalio

Taylor's apprenticeship with Tropical MBA (51:39)


Borderless Society (55:35)

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A discussion of expatration options is never complete without Paraguay. Lonnie McRorey is orginally from Pennsylvania, but has lived in South America for several years--Paraguay for five. In this episode we find out pretty much anything you'd need to know about life there: pros, cons, starting a business, cost of living, weather, safety and how must it really costs to find a reliable fixer to help with residency.

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As a research professor and scientist-in-residence at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Yousaf Butt may not sound like the typical Digital Nomad. But he’s been able to buy out plenty of time to travel the world—often in his sailboat. He enjoys it so much, he created, which is a site designed to connect travelers with each other no matter where they’re going. He talks about his “travel bug,” his sailing excursions and the satisfaction that comes from creating one's own life. 

We also roll out a new feature on some of our favorite podcasts, this week focusing on Nomad Capitalist Live. We highlight the results of our Borderless survey, and announce the coming launch of the Borderless Society. 

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