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In 2008, JohnnyFD was 27 and leading a drone-like existence in California. But a trip to Thailand changed his life. From Scuba Diving Instructor to competitive Muay Thai fighter to his present life as a successful Digital Nomad, his awakening and path epitomizes the Borderless lifestyle.

This week's episode finds Johnny in South Africa, about to go on a safari, but still working on his drop-shipping business. We talk about his discoveries, finding one's groove and just how good life can be when you're willing to think outside your borders!

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Harald Baldr left his native Norway at age 18. Since then he's built and sold a successful business, lectured full time at Universities and picked up two new languages. In all he's lived in 60 countries, but presently prefers Kiev, Ukraine. He used to blog about freedom, politics and economics, but now focuses instead on travel, investing and women.


In this week's episode he clues us in to what life in Scandinavia is really like, tells us about his experiences in the many countries where he's lived, speaks plainly about investing methods he considers smart—as well as providing a Hot Girl Banging Lightning Round. :)

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You're interested in life in another country, but how really do you make the best decision as to where? If you're overwhelmed by the dizzying sources of information, we think you'll love this week's Borderless Podcast. We talk with Josh Linnes of Viva Tropical. Originally from the US, he started out looking for new and better places to surf, but starting a family brought a new perspective. It wasn't long before he and business partner Park Wilson went on exploratory adventures throughout Central America that led to their deep understanding of it as a real estate investment. They share their insights by refusing to resort to the typical travel magazine hype, and instead giving you a framework for profitable investing abroad. Bottom line? They help you find what's actually right for you.

Oh, and James and are are sipping my new shipment of artesenal mezcal throughout. :)

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When you're considering expatriation, medical care is usually on the checklist of things worth investigating. And when you do investigate, it can be very refreshing—especially if you come from the US. Often policies are available that are in many ways better and virtually always much less expensive. Alex Routh left Vancouver, Canada, in 1995 for Japan, then China, Hong Kong, Thailand, a sailboat in the Carribean and has settled in the Domincan Republic. As owner of Protexplan, he's been helping expats with medical insurance for 20 years. Find out how it works in this week's Borderless Podcast.



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