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Zak Slayback is an Ivy League apostate. When he realized the traditional education path was going nowhere, he dropped out of Penn to join forces with a couple of other visionaries as the Business Development Director of Praxis. It’s a one-year program for entrepreneurial young people in which they both complete a year-long education program–while also being placed in growing startups and small to mid-size businesses for hands-on, real-world experience.

Is Praxis right for you–or your child? The qualifications are tough, but the potential outcomes are exciting! In this week’s Borderless Podcast we find out why and how.

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As a gift to those in our awesome audience (that’s you!) we have put together some extra special free content for this holiday season.

We got together with Pete Sisco, who has been one of out most popular guests, to do a special podcast with SPECIFIC tips for building online income. Pete has definitely proven himself in the area of online marketing by starting and operating many wildly successful online businesses while simultaneously traveling the world non-stop for the last 10 years.

We cover many important questions such as:

What is the difference between real successful online income and the spammy programs that you see all the time?

How soon after starting an online business should someone expect to be making money?

What if someone doesn’t have any specific product or service in mind at the moment, what can that person can do?

Is it necessary to have a someone knowledgable about the industry guide you through the process of starting an online business?

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This one will piss you off. When Brian Aitken needed to transport legally owned guns within New Jersey, he called the State Police to make sure he followed the law explicitly. But when an out-of-control police officer and judge equate gun possession with criminal activity, the law is a minor inconvenience. The result: he went to prison, his passport was confiscated and he hasn't seen his little boy in six years.

In this week's episode we examine the state of freedom in the United States, and focus on some important reminders for those seeking to live as a free a life as possible. 


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Brought up in the Bible Belt Prairies of Canada, Gabriel Scheare has come a long way; both philosophically and physically. Originally attracted to Chile by the promise of a freedom-loving community, which fell apart in grand fashion, Gabriel and partners have learned the lessons and are creating community catering to entrepreneurs and freelancers in Valdivia, Chile.

In this episode we hear about both the background and vision for Fort Galt--as well as the Exosphere at which Gabriel and his partners first met.

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Justin Cooke didn't plan on starting Empire Flippers when he headed for the Philippines in 2010, but when the business he worked for started falling apart--and he pictured having to go back to the US, pull his stuff out of storage and start over again there--he got serious.

Today Empire Flippers is matching online business sellers with buyers, and helping them through the process of making the exchange. For many it's a much better option that traditional investments, and can afford them the freedom to live the lives of their dreams!

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