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I have been writing for a while about what seems to me to be an obvious bubble that has been building for years in the college debt market. Here is one article from a little over two years ago that I wrote about the what I saw going on in this market and how you may be able to profit from where things are going.

This week I revisit this topic with Antony Davies who is a scholar at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University and an associate professor of economics at Dukaine University. He has written several articles on the college debt bubble like the one that you can find here

We go in depth about the cause of the situation that the universities in the US are in today and how someone thinking of going to higher education should correctly make that decision.


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This is one of the most informative interviews yet!

It was a pleasure speaking to Jason Hartman as I have been following him quite a while. I remember being very impressed with his videos when I was 18 years old. Now he is 660 podcasts down and the amount of information he has available on is incredible.

During the interview we talk in depth about some of the commandments of real estate investing. These are the core rules that, if you follow correctly, will virtually assure that your investments will be successful.

During the interview we also talk about the US economy and whether you should be concerned with it’s sustainability. Jason thinks that it is delusional to fear a crashing dollar and makes a case for why he  sees the US as still being the place to be for real estate investing.

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Lydia Lee is the Business Creator coach at Screw The Cubicle, web TV host at Screw The Cubicle TV, and podcast host of The Cubicle Crashing Podcast.  After leaving her six figure job in Canada years ago in pursuit of a path less conventional, this had led her to now be an advocate for location independency, and meaningful work with purpose.

Now based in Bali,  she spends her time teaching people how to quit the jobs that are crushing their souls, discover their hidden talents, and make money doing something they love (and will care about).

Her mission and work has been featured on The Telegraph, Forbes, CNN Philippines, and Elle Canada.

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Johnny Mueller is the host of The Expat Files, a podcast where he gives on the ground advice about living and working in Latin America. After over 26 years living and doing business as an expat he has quite a lot of exciting stories that are great to listen to and learn from. He describes what he calls The Gringo Advantage that benefits US expats in Latin countries and the Latin American real estate bubble that he thinks is about to burst. 

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During his recent trip to Santiago, Chile James was able to meet Michelle Clarke and he thought she would be a great guest for the show.

She is an executive expat and leadership coach. She uses web based video technology to work with clients around the world. She also develops workshops and talks and is available at short notice to go wherever a client needs her in person. More and more clients are seeking her out to seek sustainability as a portable professional

Her websites are and

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Gloria Zuluaga was born in Medellin, but relocated to Europe when quite young. It was a rich experience and led to her speaking four languages. But her beautiful hometown called and she returned to find a great need: relocation services for expats.

In this week's episode, we talk about the positives (very many!) the negatives (hardly any!) and how her company, Medillin Executive Relocation, can help you get settled intelligently and comfortably.

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Imagine you've come to grips with the fact that a soul-sucking job just cannot be your future any longer. So you start a business, it starts doing pretty well...then you realize you're stuck again—working your ass off and ultimately NOT living the life you'd planned on!

Matt Inglot is the creator where he helps fellow consultants and creative services providers to earn more and to build their consulting business around their lifestyle.

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Johnny Ward came from a poor, single parent family in Ireland. Maybe not having certain advantages cultivated an insane drive to succeed. But success is not about the money; it's about the lifestyle--always. Although the money's nice too! At 32, he's almost completed his goal of being the only Irishman to visit every country in the world.

He talks about rejecting the 9-to-5 life, the importance of taking risks and the "beautiful hell" he's experienced on some of his travels. Like fighting to breathe when being held under water, the burning desire to realize your goals is what he considers the key to success. Enjoy!

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Gregory Diehl is a personal coach and educator who learned the art and science of compelling communication through a decade of full-time international travel. In this week's podcast we speak to him about how he has been able to make a living for himself while traveling the world and and his experience writing his first book.

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To a lot of people, working in the music promotion business might be a dream job. But Tim Leffel found it pretty much like any other corporate environment. So he started traveling and writing about it, never looking back. 

He's lived in Istanbul, Seoul, Yucatan and Guanajuato, Mexico, and has become a highly award-winning travel writer. His book, The World's Cheapest Travel Destinations is now in its 4th edition, and his new book, A Better Life for Half the Price isn't just about going borderless--but doing so while cutting your expenses in half. We talk about his travels and how he's making an location independent income.


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Imagine selling store-bought firecrackers on eBay, along with many others, but because of your political stance being singled out and imprisoned for 10 months. It might make a person consider alternative life options.  Maybe that's why, almost singlehandedly, Roger Ver funded the seed rounds for the entire first generation of Bitcoin businesses. 

In this week's episode, we talk to Roger about just how far BTC has come and how you can actually use it today. We also discuss the decision to renounce his US citizenship. Enjoy.

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Skinner Layne founded Exosphere as a learning and problem-solving community of immersive learning programs and experiences. After 10 years of adult life, he came to realize it wasn't best to "arrive"; but instead to keep asking questions in an infinite game. 

In this week's episode, he explores the parallels between the Roman and Post-Rome period to help draw wise conclusions about rational directions for entrepreneurs young and old. He also helps us understand the real point of Exosphere and the psychographics of those it's really perfect for. 

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While the US government has been cracking down on governments and banks throughout the world, forcing them to submit to onerous regulations that divulge your private information, why have they refused to do the same? Is the US the world's new favorite tax haven?

Michael Menzies of Pembroke Tax Advisors is Jonathan's new tax strategist, and in this week's episode we discuss this--along with offshore structures, and why challenging assumptions is a must today.

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Karsten Aichholz is a German/British pro-gamer turned tech entrepreneur. Not only has he lived in Thailand for ten years, he's also taken the time to blog about it in an effort, among other things, to help prospective expats. 

In this week's Borderless Podcast we talk to him about the spots most expats like to settle in, banking, visas, residency, weather, cultural differences and whether or not Thailand is entrepreneur-friendly. Enjoy!

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Simon Black is a West Point graduate and former Army Intelligence officer. It was a poor career move, but inevitably he came to question the nature of wars, governments and the banking system. The creator of Sovereign Man, he travels the globe looking for personal and economic opportunities to enrich his and his subscribers' lives.

This is Jonathan's favorite interview ever and is a guilty pleasure as we delve deeply into one of the reasons why many see the wisdom in internationalization: there are presently many reasons to question the structures that form the foundation of our very lives--and no downsides to creating a Plan B. Enjoy!


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Danny Flood hasn't worked a traditional job for more than 2 months. An entrepreneur since age 9, he went from broke ramen-eating college graduate to growing a profitable online business and pursuing lifestyle design with reckless abandon. Now based in Bangkok, he's rolling out a great digital magazine called Open World.

In this week's episode we discover how his father raised him, what led to his present lifestyle and his many recommendations for making the life of your dreams actually happen.

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For this weeks podcast it's just James and Jonathan! We go over some of our favorite podcasts throughout the year as well as what we see coming for 2016.

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