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Karsten Aichholz is a German/British pro-gamer turned tech entrepreneur. Not only has he lived in Thailand for ten years, he's also taken the time to blog about it in an effort, among other things, to help prospective expats. 

In this week's Borderless Podcast we talk to him about the spots most expats like to settle in, banking, visas, residency, weather, cultural differences and whether or not Thailand is entrepreneur-friendly. Enjoy!

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Simon Black is a West Point graduate and former Army Intelligence officer. It was a poor career move, but inevitably he came to question the nature of wars, governments and the banking system. The creator of Sovereign Man, he travels the globe looking for personal and economic opportunities to enrich his and his subscribers' lives.

This is Jonathan's favorite interview ever and is a guilty pleasure as we delve deeply into one of the reasons why many see the wisdom in internationalization: there are presently many reasons to question the structures that form the foundation of our very lives--and no downsides to creating a Plan B. Enjoy!


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Danny Flood hasn't worked a traditional job for more than 2 months. An entrepreneur since age 9, he went from broke ramen-eating college graduate to growing a profitable online business and pursuing lifestyle design with reckless abandon. Now based in Bangkok, he's rolling out a great digital magazine called Open World.

In this week's episode we discover how his father raised him, what led to his present lifestyle and his many recommendations for making the life of your dreams actually happen.

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For this weeks podcast it's just James and Jonathan! We go over some of our favorite podcasts throughout the year as well as what we see coming for 2016.

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