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Gregory Diehl is a personal coach and educator who learned the art and science of compelling communication through a decade of full-time international travel. In this week's podcast we speak to him about how he has been able to make a living for himself while traveling the world and and his experience writing his first book.

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To a lot of people, working in the music promotion business might be a dream job. But Tim Leffel found it pretty much like any other corporate environment. So he started traveling and writing about it, never looking back. 

He's lived in Istanbul, Seoul, Yucatan and Guanajuato, Mexico, and has become a highly award-winning travel writer. His book, The World's Cheapest Travel Destinations is now in its 4th edition, and his new book, A Better Life for Half the Price isn't just about going borderless--but doing so while cutting your expenses in half. We talk about his travels and how he's making an location independent income.


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Imagine selling store-bought firecrackers on eBay, along with many others, but because of your political stance being singled out and imprisoned for 10 months. It might make a person consider alternative life options.  Maybe that's why, almost singlehandedly, Roger Ver funded the seed rounds for the entire first generation of Bitcoin businesses. 

In this week's episode, we talk to Roger about just how far BTC has come and how you can actually use it today. We also discuss the decision to renounce his US citizenship. Enjoy.

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Skinner Layne founded Exosphere as a learning and problem-solving community of immersive learning programs and experiences. After 10 years of adult life, he came to realize it wasn't best to "arrive"; but instead to keep asking questions in an infinite game. 

In this week's episode, he explores the parallels between the Roman and Post-Rome period to help draw wise conclusions about rational directions for entrepreneurs young and old. He also helps us understand the real point of Exosphere and the psychographics of those it's really perfect for. 

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While the US government has been cracking down on governments and banks throughout the world, forcing them to submit to onerous regulations that divulge your private information, why have they refused to do the same? Is the US the world's new favorite tax haven?

Michael Menzies of Pembroke Tax Advisors is Jonathan's new tax strategist, and in this week's episode we discuss this--along with offshore structures, and why challenging assumptions is a must today.

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