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For this podcast I interviewed Ty Crandall who is an internationally known speaker, author, and business credit and financing expert. He is the CEO at Credit Suitewhere he oversees the biggest business credit coaching operation in the United States.

Many entrepreneurs are not as aware of business credit as they should be. Business credit works almost exactly like personal credit but is based on your companies EIN (Tax ID) number instead of your personal Social Security Number. Getting credit through your business has many benefits. In fact, almost all businesses today are run with business credit and not using it will disadvantage you greatly. Business credit is available to non-US citizens and can be built in all countries where you can incorporate.

During the interview we thoroughly go over most of the important things you need to know when building business credit.

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Show notes:

What is Business Credit? (1:40)
How you can get business credit without a personal credit check (4:10)
Should all businesses start building credit as soon as possible? (7:00)
How non-US citizens can use business credit. (13:00)
The right kind of business entities for building business credit (15:45)
Setting up the right address, phone number, website, e-mail address, references, bank accounts to build credibility. (17:20)
What are the differences between virtual offices. (21:25)
What are the first steps to start building your business credit. (23:48)
How it normally takes to build your credit. (27:12)
The differences between business and personal credit. (31:05)
Do you have to continuously maintain your credit score. (32:20)
At what point in the business life is it time to start building credit. (35:20)
What happens if you cannot pay the money back. (37:00)
Shelf corporations (40:05)
Things to think about when naming your business (42:00)
Credit repair (45:20)
Crowdfunding (49:50)

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In 2007, Mark qualified for welfare and started his online business from a computer at the public library (because he couldn’t afford his own). Using YouTube & Google Pay Per Click, he began to sell affiliate products. Today, nearly $20 million dollars of his own info-products have been sold.  In this episode Mark gives some priceless gems of wisdom for those that want to start their own online business. Get ready to take pay attention to guy normally charges $50,000 - $100,000 for private consultations. 

Show notes:
Mark’s Entrepreneurial past (4:50)
His first big break (10:44)
Is the age of information products over? (16:13)
How to find the place that you need to be (25:35)
What you need to have success with an online business (32:35)
The Great Lemonade Crusade (39:10)
The new age of information gamification (42:55)
How to approach pricing (53:22)
Mark’s advice to new entrepreneurs (58:45)

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Show Notes:

  • Ace’s background and why prefers online businesses over traditional businesses. (5:00)
  • The growth of the online business market. (9:15)
  • Can non-tech savvy people invest in online businesses. (13:30)
  • How to do deals with no money down. (16:30)
  • Why Ace does not start businesses. (20:00)
  • Thinking about selling the business when you buy. (24:40)
  • How to find high quality deals (28:30)
  • Tips on networking (33:00)
  • Ace’s best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs  (35:20)

In this episode I spoke with Ace Chapman from He is a pioneer in the online business investment market and co-hosts The Web Equity Show with past Borderless Podcast guest Justin Cooke. If you are considering getting into the online business investment space you absolutely have to listen to their show as it maps out the process from start to finish.

I randomly ran into Ace while walking down the street in Medellin. It was great meeting and hanging out with him for a few days.

Ace bought his first business when he was 19, tried his hand at the stock market, worked in corporate America, built his own million dollar real estate business and has owned retail stores. All of that has gotten him to the strategy today of buying and selling online business in what he calls a “mini-mogul” strategy. 

Online business is a quickly growing asset class that is mostly overlooked. They have advantages that traditional businesses do not such as lower overhead, the ability to hire a location independent workforce, and strategic tax advantages only to name a few.

Not only that but you are participating in a market that is growing fast with no signs of slowing down. In the last 10 years, the number of people using the Internet has grown by 600%. It’s estimated that there are more than three billion people now with access to the Internet. 

These numbers are only growing. It’s estimated that by 2020, there will be five billion people online. In the United States alone, the market for just eBooks was worth $270 million in 2008. By 2014, that had already grown to $5.69 billion. If you do the math, that averages to over 250% growth per year. 

So as you can see it would make sense to theoretically “buy real estate” in such a market.

Believe it or not it is possible to do deals with no money down. During the podcast Ace walks us through some of the recent online business acquisitions that he has made in such a way. There are great take-away’s there for structuring online or offline deals. He says it is helpful to look at structuring deals as an art which takes practice rather than a technical skill that scientifically applied.

Ace also does not believe in starting businesses. He finds that the money, time and energy that one must invest in a start-up is not worth the risk. He finds it to be a better idea to buy existing successful businesses that have already run the gauntlet and proven themselves.

As soon as he buys a business he begins thinking about who would be interested in buying it later on. He sees to types of buyers.

  1. Financial buyers: People that buy strictly on current cashflow of the business
  2. Strategic buyers: People that buy because they think that they can greatly improve the current value of the business.

There are usually more opportunities with the strategic buyers, whether you are on the buying or selling side. These opportunities usually take some time to build up moral between the parties involved and get the deal ready.

One of the biggest part of this strategy is deal flow. Ace talks about how to find these high quality deals by finding the right places to network with the people you need to talk to.

I hope you enjoy the podcast!

Show Notes:

  • Ace’s background and why prefers online businesses over traditional businesses. (5:00)
  • The growth of the online business market. (9:15)
  • Can non-tech savvy people invest in online businesses. (13:30)
  • How to do deals with no money down. (16:30)
  • Why Ace does not start businesses. (20:00)
  • Thinking about selling the business when you buy. (24:40)
  • How to find high quality deals (28:30)
  • Tips on networking (33:00)
  • Ace’s best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs  (35:20)
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In this episode I spoke to Tom W. Bell.

Governments across the globe have begun evolving from lumbering bureaucracies into smaller, more agile special jurisdictions - common-interest developments, special economic zones, and proprietary cites. Private providers increasingly deliver services that political authorities formerly monopolized, inspiring greater competition and efficiency, to the satisfaction of citizens-qua-consumers. These trends suggest that new networks of special jurisdictions will soon surpass nation states in the same way that networked computers replaced mainframes. In his groundbreaking work Your Next Government?: From the Nation State to Stateless Nations, Tom W. Bell describes the quiet revolution transforming governments from the bottom up, inside-out, worldwide, and how it will fulfill its potential to bring more freedom, peace, and prosperity to people everywhere.

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We're finally at the 100th episode! I put together something special to celebrate this milestone. In this podcast there are a variety of some of my favorite guests who give their one best piece of advice for those aspiring for a Borderless life.

Thanks for everyone who has been a listener through my first 100 episodes,  I hope that you will follow me through the next 100.

The podcasts used for this episode in order.

  1. Johnny Ward: Fight for Your Success Like You Would Fight to Breathe!
  2. Mark Hoverson on Online Business Success
  3. Simon Black on How to Become a Sovereign Man
  4. Multi-Millionaire Jason Hartman Reveals the Commandments of Real Estate Investing
  5. Bringing About a Free Society One Entrepreneur at a Time
  6. Lydia Lee on How You Can Find Purposeful Work
  7. Cash in on the Self Publishing Revolution
  8. Offshore Wealth Secrets with Bobby Casey
  9. Being a Location Rebel with Sean Ogle
  10. How to travel like a BOSS while making over 10k a month with JohnnyFD
  11. Flippin’ Online Empires for Fun and Profit
  12. The University Paradigm is Dead! Praxis Breaks the Mold
  13. Going Full Nomad and Finding Success with Danny Flood
  14. Cannabis Investing and World Schooling with Matthew Kind
  15. Family Adventure Summit in San Miguel de Allende: Brandon Pearce
  16. How to Build Your Own Real Estate Kingdom With Jordan Stanley Payne
  17. Real stories from 26 years as an expat in Latin America
  18. How to Start a Real Estate Empire in Latin America
  19. Sean Reagan and Mittie Roger on Adventure Travel
  20. Reaching the Finish Line with Kallen Diggs


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In this 99th episode I spoke with Nick Giambruno. Many of you know him as Doug Casey's globetrotting companion and the senior editor of Casey Research's International Man.

We have a great conversation covering all kinds of topics about internationalizing yourself and your assets.

You don't want to miss this one!

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On this 98th episode of the Borderless Podcast I spoke to Rich Holman, founder and president of FAR international. He first came down to Medellin, Colombia in 2006 and quickly realized that it was the place that he wanted to live. He also realized that there were no English speaking real state offices in the whole city. He decided to take the leap and at over 60 years old and with very limited Spanish he moved to Medellin and started his own real estate company. Now 12 years later, not only is his real estate company, FAR International, thriving with 4 offices and over 100 employees, but he has many other successful business ventures as well. He 's able to do all of this in a place that he considers to be the best city on earth.

Unfortunately, due to a computer problem only  half the interview was recorded. Even so, I think there is some great information there for those thinking of being tail-blazers themselves.

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This episode I'm joined by Jasper Ribbers author of Get Paid for Your Pad and The Traveling Dutchman.

After years of being a financial trader he decided to try renting his own house on Airbnb. He soon learned that this alone gave him the money he needed to travel full time. He then dug in deep to short term-rental optimization and wrote the book Get Paid for Your Pad which was one of the first books on the topic. He now is a sought after expert and speaker.

Not only did we speak about vacation rentals, but his life on the road and many of the other ways that he has been making money while living a location independent lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Have you heard of the GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation?

Do you know what's behind the recent takedown of Backpage?

Richard Chapois a lawyer that has been practicing on the front lines of internet law for decades. I was able to speak to him about some of the recent regulation and what that will mean for small business and the world.

According to Richard, there is a global trend of governments fighting back against the tech companies. He believes this will result in what he calls "The Splinternet" where the internet will be drastically different depending on where you are geographically.

In addition we talk about what internet business owners need to keep in mind to stay in compliance with current and upcoming legislation. I found the interview to be fascinating and I think you probably will as well.

Thanks for listening!

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What does it take to retire these days?

The rules for saving for retirement have changed dramatically over the last 20 years. Most of those that have followed the traditional investment advice are now hitting retirement age and finding that they don’t have anywhere near the amount that they need to keep up their quality of life. A lot of people are just continuing to work in hopes of things working themselves out but that plan won’t hold up for long.

To try to help with this situation Ian Bond has put together Retirement Rehab. Ian has decades of experience in finance and looks at investment deals on a daily basis. He knows what’s working and what isn’t. Rather than being a victim of change he is helping people shift their skills and investments into the new economy.

Learn the new rules for retirement by taking advantage of the special offer exclusively for The Borderless Podcast audience! For a limited time you can join The No Nest Egg Retirement Plan course for only $1 a month!


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In this episode I spoke to Brandon Pearce. He is a fellow traveler I met here in San Miguel de Allende. After launching a successful piano teaching software he turned his interest towards traveling and helping other families travel and live the life they truly wanted to.

This year he is organizing the Family Adventure Summit in San Miguel de Allende, which he describes as the following:

“The Family Adventure Summit is an opportunity for families to connect in person around the topics of long-term travel and location independence, remote income, education, community, life fulfillment, and more. We’ll discuss tips and tools, the ups, the downs, and everything in between.”

We speak a but a whole range of issues. I hope you get some great info and if me make down to the summit perhaps I’ll see you there.

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In this episode I spoke to Vincenzo Villamena, founder of Online Taxman. We speak about a variety of subjects relating to international tax and good places to live as an expat. After this podcast I decided to work with Vincenzo for a little while and took off to Medellín. I hope you enjoy it!

The sponsor for this show is My Retirement Rehab. Click here and get a complete education in retirement in the new economy

Show notes:

  • I’m in Medellín! (0:30)
  • My Wife’s $2-Million Dollar IKEA Desk (2:14)
  • Carnival in Rio de Janeiro (5:00)
  • We he decided to move overseas (6:36)
  • Life in Medellín (13:13)
  • Tax filing with Cryptocurrencies (16:40)
  • The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) (23:35)
  • New strategies after the Trump tax plan (28:17)
  • Renunciation trends (33:06)
  • How to get started living internationally (35:00)
  • Good ways to get remote income (39:40)
  • Differences in life between New York and Medellín (42:20)
  • Expatistan – Numbeo – Nomad List (46:23)

Thanks for listening!

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In this episode I spoke to Bobby Casey of Global Wealth Protection. He has been an expat and international investor for decades and now concentrates on helping other with asset protection.

We talk about all kinds of things associated with making sense of the economy and the current political environment. Listen to hear how we are able to stay sane in the ever more politically obsessed culture of the US.

The sponsor for this show is My Retirement Rehab. Click here and get a complete education in retirement in the new economy

Show notes:
4:30 The Trump administration's effect on the economy
8:20 How to make sense of the debt based economy
10:30 The infrastructure bill
13:11 The obsession with politics in the US
20:30 How Trump red-pilled America
27:30 The erosion of privacy
41:15 The trend for remote work
47:00 The economics of living abroad
54:40 Life in Latvia
59:00 Offshore banking report

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In this episode I spoke with Matthew Kind. He is an entrepreneur, investor, and host of The CannaInsider Podcast which was voted new and noteworthy by iTunes. He has been featured in Forbes, The Chicago Sun-Times and The Aspen Times.

When he is not traveling the world with his family, Matthew enjoys discovering and exploring the nascent field of CBD Oils that are non-psychoactive hemp and cannabis compounds that many people are turning to as an alternative to traditional medications.

In addition to the Cannabis industry, he's also involved in Amazon selling, Crypto currencies and world schooling his two children all while traveling the world.

He's been here in San Miguel for a while and so it was great to be able to do this podcast in person. I hope you enjoy it!

Show notes:

Borderless Podcast reviews, leave your own here and I'll read it on the podcast. (1:00)

Matthew's journey to becoming an entrepreneur (2:55)
World Schooling (5:00)
How he started in the Cannabis industry (7:11)
How he escaped the rat race (10:00)
How he was able to get his family on board with world schooling (13:15)
Some of his favorite places he's been to on his travels (17:30)
His impressions of San Miguel de Allende (20:40)
Some of the differences between living in and out of the US (23:30)
How to invest in the Cannabis Industry (29:00)
Will large companies take over the industry (36:30)
The medical aspects of Cannabis (38:30)
Cryptocurrency (40:30)
How to get started as an entrepreneur (52:30)

Thanks for listening!

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In this episode I spoke to Borja Rodriguez, the founder of Vacation Marbella. After quitting his job in finance he decided to try his hand at the vacation rental business. He started by sub-leasing a few properties on Airbnb, and VRBO and in less than three years later he has grown a full fledged business manage over 70 properties with 16 employees. To get a full idea of his operation you can watch the Marbella episode of Sense of Place where you can see his whole operation.

If you want to try out Airbnb and as host or traveler please use my link to get $40 off your first trip.

The sponsor for this show is My Retirement Rehab. Click here and get a complete education in retirement in the new economy


Show Notes:
-  Sense of Place Episode 6 - Marbella - First Who, Then What (5:30)
- Borja’s background (8:36)
- His business strategy (9:40)
- How he built it into a stable, scalable business (11:40)
- His hiring practices (13:25)
- Is it hard to be an entrepreneur in Spain? (16:00)
- Options for financing a vacation rental business (19:20)
- Is the vacation rental market becoming too competitive? (28:40)
- How to drive traffic to your vacation rental website (34:20)
- Which websites are the best to use to get bookings (36:30)
- Which management softwares to use. (38:00)
- Meet the guest or self check in? (46:30)
- How becoming an entrepreneur has improved his life. (49:00)
- Some other good locations. (51:15)
- Recommendations to get started in Vacation Rentals. (52:30)
- Borja’s recommendations to aspiring entrepreneurs (54:00)

Links from the Podcast:
Matt Landau
Heather Bayer
David Angotti

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In this episode I spoke with Naresh Vissa about investments, read estate, location independence and internet marketing. We also talked about the Meet the Masters event and our take aways. There is a wealth of information in this one!

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