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I spoke with Hrovje Moric from the Geopolitics and Empire Podcast and we discuss the COVID1984 situation in Mexico. We lay out the current and actual, as well as proposed, corona restrictions by the Mexican government. We discuss the general mood among Mexicans, the "mask" and such situations on the street, and whether Mexico might be a good place to escape from the Prison Planet. We also cover some general visa and work topics.

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I recently had a conversation with Derrick Broze from the Conscious Resistance. We talk about why he chose to move to Mexico and how he helps others do the same.

Show notes:
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This was my latest appearance on the Been Awake Podcast with L.B. Muñiz. We spoke about the option of expatriating and many other more philosophical subjects.

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In this episode, I spoke to Sam Miller. He is originally from Australia but has been enjoying his life in Colombia for many years. Through his popular YouTube channel, he introduces people to life there and helps people break through their own borders. To fund his travels he has worked extensively in real estate investing and digital entrepreneurship. Check out Sam's work at

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In this podcast I spoke with Mikkel Thorup from The Expat money show. We discuss:

  • What is Birth tourism and countries where you can do it.
  • His experiences being in Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil and the US over the last year and a half.
  • Options for making online, location independent income.
  • Some ideas on investing in today's economic environment.
  • How to travel while raising and educating your children.

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I recently spoke with Barry Cooper from Never get Busted he was a former law enforcement officer turned anti-drug war activist. He made of series of videos and conducted sting operations to expose the corruption in the drug war, which as you might expect did not sit well with his former colleagues. Because of persecution by the US authorities, he was forced to flee the US more than 10 years ago and is now living with his wife in the Philippines.

During our discussion, we talk about his escape and his life in Venezuela, Mexico, and the Philippines. We also talk about drug use and some successful ways to treat addiction.

Finally, we discuss Barry's new business Fast Residency, which helps foreigners get a residency as quickly and easily as possible. Whether you would consider living in Paraguay, as looking for a tax residency, or simply would like to have a plan B, getting a residency in Paraguay can be a great asset. If you do decide to use their service please mention that you heard about them through the Borderless Podcast.

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I was recently on Andrew Howard's new podcast "The Renegades." He is a fellow US military veteran living in San Miguel de Allende and we talk about our life in Mexico and why we chose to move here from the US.

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I recently spoke with Hrvoje Moric from the Geopolitics and Empire. We spoke about many things including our lives in Mexico over the past year, the increasing cyberattack events, and trying to decipher the recent UFO disclosures.

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I recently spoke to Myles Wakeham from the Unconstrained Podcast. We spoke about real estate investment, creating location independent income, cryptocurrencies among other things. You can follow Myles at

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This is a livestream I did yesterday about Covid in Mexico. 

Go to for more info. 

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